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Mosman Vet (Vet, 2017)


Vet, M. (2017, 01 23). Retrieved from Steps to Being a Good Pet Owner:

With so many of us enjoying pet ownership in Australia, there is an etiquette we need to adhere to that makes our pets happier. Here are some basis rules to follow:

1. Choose the type of breed which is compatible with your lifestyle. Most pet problems occur because the type of pet is not compatible with their human partner. Talk to your vet about your lifestyle and what you would like to get out of owning a pet.

2. Make sure you feed your pet at regular times with a diet appropriate for its age and species. This can involve some research, but it’s worth doing, as nutritional diseases and obesity are common in our pets, due to too much food and lack of exercise.

3. Provide your pet with appropriate exercise. Keep them happy and fit and you will all get along so much better.

4. Fresh, clean water should be available at all times. Use a container that cannot be tipped over

5. Make sure your pet receives all its vaccinations, worming, tick & flea medications. Your vet can email or sms you reminders to keep up to date.

6. Have your pet desexed. It can prevent diseases, stops wandering and unwanted pregnancies.

7. Groom your pet regularly to keep it free from matts and tangles. Check rabbits for fly worry and check guinea pigs for foot troubles. Birds also like a daily grooming and a water bath.

8. If you suspect your pet is in pain, or unwell, you should seek veterinary advice immediately.

9. Comply with Local Government regulations for keeping pets. Check with your council about micro chipping, registration laws, pet friendly parks and the number of pets you are allowed to keep etc.

10. For your cat’s safety, make sure it is kept indoors after dark

11. Carry a ‘pooper scooper” bag to clean up after your dog when out walking. Most councils will fine dirty owners-and with the release of the doggy DNA tests, it won’t be difficult to find out who the culprits are!

12. Teach your dog manners. Enroll in the local obedience school. This is the best means of communication we have with our dog and provides them with mental stimulation as well as companionship

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