• Kadiri Praveen Kumar

How to Take Care of Dogs In Summer

Summer is really a very good heavenly feeling for every child and even more for dogs to spend happily. And many of us would like to play outdoors in the summer. A dog mainly want cooling it can’t keep itself cool because it produces more heat. a human can know the heat by sweating and the dog too sweats a little near his feet. For making a dog cool it should sleep in a cool place mainly like the house should contain a air conditioning, and a dog needs to eat cool items, and for every couple of days we have to make them shower. So it can hydrate its self and mainly it should take the seasonal food so that it can hydrate itself and live cool in this summer. The main thing is cooler air is the best way to keep your dogs cool air in the summer.

The precautions to keep cool for a dog:

Lots of drinking water.

It should be in the shade/shelter.

Dogs sunscreen.

We have to provide small dogs pool.

Cool water.

One main common thing that people do is taking their dog for a walk in the heat so that the dog feet cannot bare the heat and so that the pads of that feet easily burn. It is very difficult for us to walk with a bare feet in the heat. So, how can a dog tolerate the heat. Take a walk in the shady time its better to take a walk for a park or on a grassy field.



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