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How to keep your pets safe as temperatures soar

(Jones, 2019) (Katherine, 2019)

NEW BERN, Craven County — With record-breaking heat striking before the official start of summer, Eastern North Carolinians are doing their best to stay cool. But furry friends need just as much help as their humans.

There are many dangers pets face when temperatures reach into the 90s. Pets can’t communicate they’re getting too hot or when their paws are burning on the pavement. It can be a challenge noticing when the heat is really getting to them since they don’t sweat like humans. The key is to monitor body language.

Excessive panting and lots of drool show the beginning of a heat stroke. While many might believe shaving their dog’s hair will cool them down, Dan Spangler, owner of a Dog’s Dream in New Bern, says that isn’t the case.

“So, one of the things we have a lot of people ask about is shaving their dog down because they think they’re hot because of all the fur. And so one of the things we need to teach people and let them understand is that that coat is actually built to help them out,” Spangler said. “The coat is actually built as an insulation. So, if you actually feel a dog’s coat at the top when the suns beating on it, it’s super warm. If you slide your fingers down underneath, it actually cools them off.”

Spangler added to keep your pet as cool as possible, make sure you give them plenty of water. If you can let them play in the water, that’s a bonus. Try cool treats like veterinarian-approved popsicles, ice cream, etc. Never leave them in a car – not even for a few minutes. And finally, walk them in the early morning or late evening so the pavement doesn’t burn their paws. A good rule of thumb to check if it’s too hot for a walk: put the back of your hand on the road or sidewalk. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for them.


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