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Good Dog! 10 Ways to Stop Bad Pet Behavior

Hope Schultz (Schultz, 2015)


Schultz, H. (2015, 9 2). Retrieved from Good Dog! 10 Ways to Stop Bad Pet Behavior:

Transform your pooch from troublemaker to the best-behaved pet on the block with these simple steps.

Practice positive reinforcement by encouraging and rewarding good behavior in your pet.

Let your pet know who the boss is from the start. Establish the rules and follow them consistently.

If your pet demonstrates poor behavior in certain situations or environments, avoid those situations as much as possible.

If you keep a close eye on your pet, you'll quickly learn what it needs to be comfortable and cared for.

When you get a new pet, make sure you supervise it closely during training and restrict its access to a small area of your home until properly trained.

Encourage and reward good behavior.

Correct bad behaviors by providing your pet with alternatives (e.g., swap a toy for your favorite tennis shoes or a chew stick in lieu of a table leg).

Positive reinforcement is good. Never reprimand your pet physically or force it to follow your commands, as this may lead to fear and aggression.

Don't "rough house" with your pet or encourage aggressive behavior, as your pet can't distinguish between when this is acceptable and when it isn't.

Slowly socialize your puppy by exposing it to other people, animals, and environments so that over time, it becomes comfortable with its living situation.

If your pet continues to demonstrate serious behavior problems, seek the counsel of your vet or a veterinary behaviorist.



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